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fastbracesFastbraces® Technologies is approaching its quarter of a century anniversary; since the treatment of the first patients and with a new era in the dental world, that’s long been native turf for Fastbraces®, a welcome turn is being taken away from long-term braces and toward faster and more affordable products. Whether it’s the enduring quality of the original Fastbraces® Metal™, or the stylish Fastbraces® Clear™, our company’s commitment to using top-notch technology to create faster and less painful braces means that our doctor clients can be sure that utilizing Fastbraces® products will have their patients smiling within no time. As Fastbraces® Technologies embarks on its long journey towards its first century of excellence, one would say that this truly American institution has always represented the democracy of good products and fast results. It is our hope that by introducing ourselves to those of you who’ve yet to learn of the technology of Fastbraces®, you will find inspiration in our products rich history and dynamic future in the decades to come.

Thousands of patients, both children and adults, have benefited from the technology of Fastbraces®. Every day, Doctors from around the world are lining up to provide this new and innovate technology to their patients.

  • Fastbraces® is Fast, with treatments ranging from 3 months to about a year. Cosmetic cases can be completed in just weeks while comprehensive ortho cases can be completed in weeks.
  • Fastbraces® is Safe, with a 25 year history of thousands of successful clinical treatments.
  • Fastbraces® is Affordable for patients.

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